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Comparison Devotional: Physical Copy

Comparison Devotional: Physical Copy

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Do any of these thoughts or feelings seem familiar?

  • You never feel like what you do is good enough
  • You don't know how you will ever get to success like others have
  • You struggle with anxiety over your performance
  • You feel hopeless or confused when you think about purpose
  • You feel depressed or insignificant
  • God has given you promises but you do not know how you could even start
  • You struggle with relating with others, not knowing how you fit

When we entertain comparison rather than meditating on what God has said, it leads us into a paralyzation due to overthinking.  Action is often what is needed to discover and appreciate the joy of who God has made you to be. That is why this is an interactive devotional.  As Holy Spirit leads you to take action, whether internal work or external, you will find yourself experiencing the breakthrough that your heart has longed for but comparison said was not for you. 

Comparison tries to cripple, but taking time to comprehend who you are makes way for joyful contribution. 

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