The Story

I always love to go to these sections on websites and get the details of how a brand or company came to be so the fact that you're here tells me - you're my kind of people. 

While I've always been a creative and a dreamer and a doer, I haven't always known what to do with all my interests- or, if I should do anything at all with them!

Back in 2021 I was walking through Walmart looking to buy another new journal. Whenever I felt stalled in ideas I had this crazy thought that a new journal would solve all my problems (I know I'm not alone here). I picked out this beautiful turqouise hardcover 8x11 journal and decided I wasn't going to buy another journal until this one was thouroughly filled. 

As I began to work through that journal I found myself organizing my thoughts and ideas in new ways. During this time there was a day that God began to speak to me about being multifaceted. It was a word I didn't deal with too much at the time but once I heard it it began to give me the language I was missing. What I thought were loose, disconnected pieces were actually just different sides of the same gem. Some sides needed more refining than others, some sides of me won't be seen by the public- but they were all sides that were a part of me and not going anywhere.

Eventually I began to envision what we now know as The Multifaceted Woman's Planner. With that came a passion to create tools and resources to help others get to the point of breakthrough in the areas of identity and purpose. I'm actively working on creating content and resources that help the faith fueled, vision driven women of today find their lane and run their race well. 

I do all of this while being a wife, mom to three boys, and pastor at my home church in the DMV area. 

A little more random about me: 

1. I am originally from North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

2. I've had my cosmetology license before and used to do nails and some hair. (I think I went to cosmetology school just to give my family free haircuts!)

3. I love art and paint from time to time. I will host a gallery show one day when I have time to paint enough pieces! 

4. I'm not too good at small talk, but I love deep talk.

5. My favorite color is glitter. 

6. My dream office is pink with leopard print and pops of orange and lime green.

7. My birthday is in August and I celebrate all month!  

8. My favorite books of the bible are Hebrews and Isaiah!